How It Works

We offer premium dofollow backlinks for your website at a low cost!

Step 1

Add Your Backlink

Start by clicking the Add Backlink button at the top of the page. Fill out the form with all the details for your backlink. Pick a good keyword for your backlink text that you’d like to rank for.

It’s also a good idea to include a photo and at least a few paragraphs about your website. Be detailed in your writing, and include information about your product or service.

Step 2

Publish Your Backlink

Once you’ve completed Step 1 click the Preview button at the bottom. You’ll then have a chance to look over your backlink and content.

Ensure that every detail is correct. If you need to fix something click the Edit Listing button. If everything looks good, click the Publish Listing button.

Step 3

Pay For Your Backlink

You’re ready to pay for your backlink! Click the Place Order button and you’ll be redirected to pay at PayPal. Complete the checkout and click to go back to the merchant.

Once you’ve returned to our site, the page will update you when the payment has been received. After the payment is received your backlink will be published!

Impactful SEO Couldn’t Be Easier!

Now that your backlink is published your website will begin to gain trust from our website. Our site has a high Domain Rating (DR) and Domain Authority score. Getting a trust signal in the form of a backlink from a website with these scores can have an impact on your SEO!